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A. Stand still and wait for things to calm down. I never make a rash decision.

B. Rush forward. I can't wait for a new beginning!

C. Ask my closest friends about the change for guidance.

D. Make a list of pros and cons. I want to be sure. After all, I could change my mind.

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball?

A. Freeze. I am usually resistant to change.

B. I go forward. I am generally unafraid of change.

C. Look for signs I'm on the right path. I ask others for guidance or pay attention to clues in my environment.

D. I resist change at first but then act fast once I'm committed to a new beginning.

What is your go-to response when you face a life change?
Choose the word you most associate with change?

A. Daunting

B. Exciting


D. Inevitable

A. Life circumstances beyond my control.

B. What makes life interesting. Without it, I feel restless or get bored.

C. Life lessons to experience, including opportunities for growth.

D. It could mean a new beginning, but it could also mean letting go of something 
I value. 

Change, to you, means...
If you scored more A answers, you are a Planting Your Feet  personality type.

If you scored more B answers, you are a Ready, Fire, Aim  personality type.

If you scored more C answers, you have an In the Flow  personality type.

If you scored more answers, you have a Stop and Start personality type.
You might resonate with more than one personality type. Read them all to learn more, and find out how you can be a ChangeAbility Virtuoso. 
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