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If you are an Ursula, you pride yourself on being socially conscious. You try to stay aware of the latest health trends and have been known to experiment with home fermentation. You love a good juice cleanse, but you give yourself permission to splurge when you're on vacation. You love travel and adventure. In fact, others often ask you for advice. You stay in touch with acquaintances and have formed quite a network over the years. Willing to try new things, you've taken classes in everything from gardening to belly dancing. You're passionate and dedicated when you feel a sense of mission. You could truly save the world! 

In Donny and Ursula Save the World, the character Ursula, a kombucha-brewing travel agent, reluctantly falls in love with Donny, a sports-loving screenwriter with hyperhydrosis. Ursula has never experienced much pleasure "down there." But Sheerah's belly dancing class is helping her awaken her second charkra. When Ursula learns of a plot for an agri-business giant to own all of the seeds in the world, she rallies Donny and other characters in a wild-ride plot to save the world. Can love make you brave? Ursula would say yes! 


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