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If you are a Donny, you are an unlikely superhero. It takes a lot to motivate you to action, but once you become inspired, you're unstoppable! Hint: Love is likely your motivating force. You appreciate simple pleasures-- comfort food, a binge-worthy show, and watching your favorite team score a winning touchdown. While some people, like your friend Paul, get so worked up about the issues of the day, you're more focused on the issue of what's for dinner. Your laid back attitude makes you genuinely likable, and you will achieve success by maintaining a proper balance between work and play. Creativity is your best asset; it helps you find solutions to some of the toughest problems. 


In Donny and Ursula Save the World, the character Donny, a sports-loving screenwriter with hyperhidrosis, falls in love with Ursula, a kombucha-brewing travel agent who's never had an orgasm. Donny never cared about much, nor had he experienced love until Ursula changed his world. Their love inspired him to be brave, and he helped lead other characters in a wild plot to save the world. 


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