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How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change


Navigating Change is the New Stability. 


We live in a time of fast moving, complex change on both the personal and the global level. Welcome or unwelcome, nothing is more certain than the constant and uncertain movement of change. Whether change is met with excitement or met with fear, we can easily become overwhelmed by all of that movement. 

The ability to effectively navigate change with more ease. 


Sharon Weil engages twenty-five leading change-makers: artists, political and environmental advocates and activists, teachers, spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, somatic practitioners, and more in a conversation about how to meet change, hold hope, align with nature, have courage, and find the passion that fuels responsive innovation.


Based on Weil’s acclaimed podcast, Passing 4 Normal: Conversations with Authors, Artists, Activists and Awakeners about Seeding Change in the World, this book weaves together the insight, humor, compassion and hard-earned wisdom of those who have mastered the art of ChangeAbility in a wide range of applied experiences. 


ChangeAbility increases your ability to be flexible, responsive, and authentically resourceful in the face of change. 


  • Understand the nature of the movement of change and its impediments.

  • Identify the Seven Principles common to all change whether starting something new, transforming the old, or adapting to existing circumstances.

  • Learn new strategies for meeting change from renowned change-makers.

  • Develop greater ease, effectiveness, and stability in meeting change.

  • Enjoy whatever happens next.


Don’t be overwhelmed. Find your ChangeAbility.



Corrine Bourdeau   Claire Hope Cummings   Amanda Foulger  -  Janet Fredericks   Ann Gentry  -  Deena Metzger  -  Rachel Lang  -  Robert Litman  -  Paul Loeb  -  Penny Livingston-Stark  -  Rebecca Mark  -  Camille Maurine  -  Amy McEachern  -  Beth Rosales  -  Harvey Ruderian  -  Fred Sugerman  -  James Stark  -  Michael Stocker  -  Jacques Verduin  -  John Weeks  -  Jackie Welch Schlicher  -  Thomas Verner  -  Adam Wolpert


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ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change
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ChangeAbility Playbook
How to Navigate Your Own Change


How will you meet the movement of change?

This book will improve your ChangeAbility.

It will walk you through the personal and public changes of your own life and help you find new approaches in meeting those changes.

It will teach you how to locate yourself in change, and how to use the Seven Principles for Change to bring you new ideas and choices in navigating change.

Above all, this book will help you reframe how you look at the changes in your life, even the difficult ones, to provide you with more resources, suggestions, solutions, creativity, and hope.

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The ChangeAbility Deck

The pocket-sized toolkit for meeting CHANGE.


Going through a big change? Need fresh perspectives and strategies?

The ChangeAbility Deck provides daily insights and revelations to life’s challenging questions. The ChangeAbility Deck helps you identify your resistance and find more flexibility and ease in response to any change you are facing.


Based on the inspiring, breakthrough book, ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change by Sharon Weil, each of these 48 cards teaches you how to easily apply “The Seven Principles for Change” to any change scenario: personal, or public. This reusable deck brings new resource to even the most serious considerations. 


Pick a card. Make a change.


Available on Amazon

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Donny and Ursula Save the World


In "the funniest book about love, sex and GMO seeds you’ll ever read," Sharon Weil, offers up a hilarious, sex-charged romantic-mishap adventure that’s, "a fertile cross between Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut and Mr. Toad’s Wild ride."


Hopelessly mismatched, Donny and Ursula didn’t know the first thing about how to love—let alone how to become the unlikely heroes whose ignited attraction for one another would compel them to do things beyond their wildest imaginations and mere neurotic existences. But when an agribusiness giant is out to own all the seeds of the world, someone had better stop them! Could it really be this cynical schlub and this granola gal with shut-down chakras will save the world through one outrageously great orgasm?


Find out, as this importantly funny tale wheels and banks in eccentric glee, as love, sex, seeds, and greed collide in outrageous climax. As they fumble their way to bravery, Donny, Ursula and their rebel friends—outlaw guerilla gardeners, belly dancing feminists, gun-crazy survivalists and mushroom messengers—carry out a mission that is at once surprising, ridiculous, scary, and heartwarming.



"Winsome and hilarious... A fun, raucous eco-novel" - Kirkus Review


"A page turner. It’s fast, laugh out loud funny, endearing, and very satisfying." - Cornelia Durrant, Writer/Former Director, Greenpeace


"A most effective medicine for desperate times." - Deena Metzger, author of Writing for Your Life and La Negra y Blanca

Donny and Ursula Save the World novel love sex GMO seeds by Sharon Weil Cover Image
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Featured In: Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Words

My word Changeability is included in the 'Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Words' just released on Amazon. There are 269 other words to enjoy. Check it out.

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