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Positive Traits: Thoughtful, self-aware, cautious, practical, motivated, ambitious
Challenges: Easily overwhelmed, anxious about change, prone to mental chatter, reluctant 

If you are a "Stop and Start" personality type, you go through periods of rapid change and then put on the brakes. You might initiate change, but then when it starts to become real, you could change your mind and backtrack. Conversely, you may do the opposite. You might avoid making changes in your life and then make sudden, swift changes only after you have thoroughly ruminated about your changes. After a long time with the brakes on, when you finally move forward, you act fast! You vacillate between these change paradigms, but what underlies both is a fear of change and a slight tendency toward perfectionism. 

The truth is: You just need more time to adjust to the speed of change, and you need time to intellectually process your life changes. Your fear stems from a lack of trust in the future and in your ability to make the right decision. Doubt can be a limiting factor, but you can overcome that by focusing on the positive and having faith.

To cope with your fear of the unknown during times of change when you are feeling stuck, you might need more time alone. You may even feel withdrawn from others, more tired, and need more self-care. However, in these times, others can be a source of support and assistance. 

If you are a "Stop and Start" personality type, you may feel overwhelmed during times of transition, especially if your change is unexpected. You could try to gain control by trying to organize yourself in any way possible. You thrive when you have clear and tangible steps to take, a to-do list to follow, and a strategy for moving forward. 



What might help? Of the Seven Principles for Change outlined in ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change, these are ones that are best for you:

Find Community
Reach out to others for support, and connect with others going through similar life circumstances. You are never alone!

Have Hope
Remain optimistic, and hope for successful outcomes. Remember your individual change is part of a greater unfolding story.

Listen Deeply
Listen to trusted friends and your own intuition for guidance. Seek wisdom from others.


Learn About the Other Types:

To find out more about how to incorporate the 7 Principles for Change into your life, read ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change by Sharon Weil. Now available in paperback! 

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