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If you are a "ChangeAbility Virtuoso,"  you have learned to navigate change with ease. You use the Seven Principles for Change as a scaffolding of support when you meet changes in your life. You have developed strategies for overcoming fear and moving past resistance. 

You realize that change is inevitable, and you are willing to remain optimistic, even in the midst of rapid changes. You flow with life's currents, accepting that there are circumstances in life beyond your control. You have faith during challenging times and enthusiasm during times of wanted change. 

You can identify whether changes are internal or external, fast or slow. Because of this, you know how to adjust your mindset to avoid procrastination or resistance. You help others navigate their own life changes. 

Here are the Seven Principles for Change outlined in ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change by Sharon Weil. 

Bring Awareness
Awareness can be experienced through sensation, perception, emotion, information, and understanding. 

Listen Deeply
Listening deeply involves receiving information with all the senses. It requires curiosity, inquiry, and trusting what you hear.

Find Community
No one truly acts alone. Find Community means find support from others. You can share your vision and work together.

Proceed Incrementally
The best actions are those that begin small and steady and continue to grow over time. 

Align with Nature
If you look to nature and natural systems for instruction, you can recognize patterns to help you locate yourself and prepare for what's to come.

Have Hope
Hope is the spirit that cannot be crushed. It lifts you to new possibilities. 

Spark Fire
It is the heat that kindles passion and courage. It can burn through obstacles and fear. 

To find out how to become a ChangeAbility Virtuoso and learn more about the Seven Principles for Change, read ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change by Sharon Weil.

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