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Positive Traits: Innately hopeful, enthusiastic, courageous, adventurous, self-directed, determined
Challenges: Impulsive, anxious, restless, easily distracted, scattered

If you are a "Ready, Fire, Aim" personality type, you crave adventure and the excitement of racing into the unknown. You thrive during times of transition. If you feel held back by any external circumstances, you can get restless and frustrated. This is never comfortable for a Ready, Fire, Aim person. Because change energizes you, you may jump ahead into a new chapter of life, often without fully planning the details. You might even reflect back on the past and feel regret or disappointment as a result of the rapid change.

Sometimes, when one aspect of your life changes, it may spur a domino effect, and you could find yourself swept up in a whirlwind of change. When this happens, you might let go of people, places, or things, setting out for a new adventure. On the positive side, you are not affected by fear or resistance, and you may even have an extra dose of courage propelling you forward. On the downside, however, you could experience grief later in life, after the change settles and you finally have a chance to reflect. 

You might find yourself staying busy as a coping mechanism to keep from allowing fear to creep into your conscious awareness. In order to maintain momentum, you move fast, often without letting anyone's opinions dissuade you from going ahead. During times of change, you benefit from grounding, finding stability, and taking things a bit slower. 


What might help? Of the Seven Principles for Change outlined in ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change, these are ones that are best for you:

Bring Awareness
Slow down and pay attention to your emotions and thoughts. Be aware of your breath and body. 

Align with Nature
Spend time in nature grounding your energy. Connect to the cycles and seasons to witness the synchronized way nature changes.

Proceed Incrementally
Have the patience to find the right strategy before proceeding. If not, a course-correction is inevitable. 

Learn About the Other Types:

To find out more about how to incorporate the 7 Principles for Change into your life, read ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change by Sharon Weil. Now available in paperback! 

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