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"THIS is the story of an orgasm. Or it could be said this is the story of an orgasm that never was, and then was, and once it was, it's the story of all the ripples it set in motion. It's the reiteration of the total fecundity slam dance, Big Bang Explosion that created the world."


Prologue - Donny and Ursula Save the World

Donny and Ursula Save the World

Sharon Weil offers up a hilarious, sex-charged, romantic comedy adventure that's "a fertile cross between Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut and Mr. Toad's Wild ride." Can love make you brave? 


Ursula was a woman who'd never had any pleasure "down there." Donny was a guy who never passed up a chance. Hopelessly mismatched, they didn't know the first thing about how to love, let alone how to become the unlikely heroes whose ignited attraction for one another would compel them to do things beyond their mere neurotic existences...


But when an agribusiness giant threatens to control the world's food supply through their toxic GMO Freedom Seeds, Donny and Ursula join forces with outlaw guerilla gardeners, belly dancing feminists, gun-crazy survivalists, comic book heroes, Mushroom messengers, and even Mother Earth Herself, to rise up and save the day. And all because of some really good sex.


Donny and Ursula Save the World is the most importantly funny, sex-charged, wild romp, romantic-mishap adventure you'll ever read, about what really makes the world go 'round.

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While you're here, listen to the Passing 4 Normal Podcast by host Sharon Weil. Featuring engaging conversations with thought leaders, activists, spiritual guides, artists, and bestselling authors. Weil asks in-depth questions, and her guests share their wisdom you can apply to your everyday life.




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About the Author:Sharon Weil is an author, speaker, and teacher. Her latest book, ChangeAbility, How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change (Archer/Rare Bird Books 2016), helps readers navigate all the changes of their lives, drawing upon the collective wisdom of twenty-five change-innovators across many fields. ChangeAbility Playbook, How to Navigate Your Own Change (Archer/Rare Bird Books May 2017) is a journal workbook for navigating your own personal change. Bundled with The ChangeAbility Deck: 48 Reflection Cards to Change Your Life, they make a perfect change-support gift. Sharon’s breakthrough novel, Donny and Ursula Save the World, is called “the funniest book about love, sex, and GMO seeds you’ll ever read.” (Passing 4 Normal Press 2013) She is also the host of Passing 4 Normal Podcast, conversations about change.

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